Learning never has to stop. In fact, it shouldn’t. Many imagine learning as taking place within the confines of four off-white walls under florescent lighting and a monotone academic lecture. I don’t. Instead, I believe that learning is everywhere an idea sparks, an emotion erupts and discomfort strikes. It’s how we reflect on these experiences and how we apply these lessons that brings us growth.

Then there are the more proactive ways we can engage with learning: seeking workshops, conferences, professional relationships, and reading. Each form of learning is just as valuable as the next and offers new ways of developing personal and professional character.


Here are the some of the ways in which I have been proactively working on my professional and personal development in the last year:


Victoria eWomen Networking Group
This incredible Networking group brings together women entrepreneurs working to lift others up while they climb the ladder to success. With monthly dinner that features one professional speaker, accelerated business networking and business tabling opportunities, I am proud to be learning from other professionals across industries.

Professional Coaching
My passion and enthusiasm often lead me to take on too much. This is one lesson I’ve learned time and time again. So, seeking out professional coaching on how to align my professional and personal life to create the balance needed to thrive seemed like the perfect investment. Erin Acton certified business and life and business coach is helping me go from burn out to balance.

Global Leaders Conference
The Gustavson School of Business offers the Global Leaders Conference as a reflective afternoon conference to hone in on learning experiences and develop next steps to moving towards your ideal career.

Tabling Workshop
An additional learning opportunity offered by the eWomen Network, Ashley Leblanc, offers coaching on how to optimize your business booth at conferences.

Intro to Website Design Video
Another incredible feature of the Gustavson Commerce Program, is there committment to helping you stand out from your peers. They not only encourage to develop your own tools to stand out from our peers (such as this website) but they also provide the learning opportunities to leverage those tools.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design Course
This 1.5 hour certified Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition course offered by teaches the building blocks for graphic design.

Inside Climate News
Inside Climate Newsletter subscription brings the top news in Climate Change to your inbox.

Public Safety Conference
Dr. Gabor Mate studies on the role of Trauma in Co-occuring disorders brings a fascinating perspective on how our correctional facilities lead to creating more harm than order.

B Corp Social Mixer
One of the top social enterprise certifications achievable hosts social mixers to introduce you to the growing community of socially conscious for-profit enterprises looking to be the best FOR the world instead of in the world.

Volunteer Manager Mixer
Local volunteer managers come together to share ideas, stories and their passion for non-profit work in the welcoming Volunteer Victoria community.

Eco Forest Tour
Renound ethnobotonist and University of Victoria professor, Nancy Turner, lead this tour in the Wildwood Eco Forest. She shows the plethora of healthy plant species growing in this 77 acres of sustainably logged forest.

Sustenta 2016 Sustainability Conference
Sustenta is a Center for Social Responsibility bringing together entrepreneurs in social and environmental stewardship to Puebla, Mexico, every year to share their experiences and insight on how to make a sustainable impact.



Universidad de Las Americas Puebla

In the fall semester of 2016 I attended a full academic semester at Universidad de las Americas Puebla international school of business in Puebla, Mexico. Studying abroad gave me deep inside into the cultural barriers and opportunities that lie in working with people and systems across borders.

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

The commerce program at the Gustavson School of Business is unique if not demanding. With the first two years of the program characterized by electives, students get the opportunity to explore their interests and build a solid foundation for their career. Interested in Humanities, I was able to explore anthropology, art, philosophy, and psychology, which gave me a unique perspective into the business world. In my third year, I excelled despite starting a new club on campus and hosting my first solo art show. While fourth year has given me the opportunity to explore new cultural boundaries, allowing me to study abroad in Mexico.


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