Wise Practices for Territory Acknowledgments

Good territory acknowledgements require preparation. Fortunately, once you’ve done some preparatory work you can build your library of knowledge, making it easier each time. This blog is intended to help you do the preparatory work by providing information on why we do territory acknowledgements, what are good elements to include, how to make it relevant, … More Wise Practices for Territory Acknowledgments

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is the land of plenty. With salmon, crab, and oceanic beaches all around this archipelago, there is more than enough to go around. So naturally, the culture of the Haida people is that of generosity. They shared with me this abundance shortly after arriving in Masset, Haida Gwaii. On day two of my … More Haida Gwaii

Bella Bella

After about a week of my road trip, the discovery has been immense. From the startling sound of the raven’s flight to intimatly camping alongside the eagles. From whale bones and indigenous arts to golden seaweed and coniferous mountains. To frame it all together are the great blues of the Seaforth Channel. These are the … More Bella Bella

People of Place

I’m about to finish my undergraduate degree and embark on a seven-week road trip into the heart of British Columbia, Canada. But this trip is more than just a right of passage, a graduation gift, or a holiday. For me, this trip is about self-discovery.  … More People of Place

Facing Fears

Since I began rock climbing regularly in September 2016, I’ve become astutely aware of my relationship with fear. Of course, hanging off the side of a cliff is sure to bring fear to the forefront of your mind … More Facing Fears